House baked focaccia bread

remesco dip 

Roast garlic prawns

pernod & almond crust, house baked bread for dipping 

Beer battered fish ‘n’ chips

pea puree, tartar sauce 

Crispy pork belly

smoked bean cassoulet, mangetout salad 

Spinach & wild mushroom risotto

fresh parmesan cheese 

Seabass & pork noodle broth

rice noodles, mangetout, toasted peanuts, soy pickled egg, chilli mayo


Beef Bourguignon

bacon, stuffed red onion, roast potato

BBQ pork sandwich

slow cooked whole hog, shredded, served on toasted bun, slaw & chips

Free range pork kebab

cous cous, tzatziki, zucchini ribbons, mango dressing

Chargrilled vegetable & blue cheese quiche

garden salad, gooseberry chutney 

Goats cheese salad

grilled cucumber, sundried tomato, mangetout, taco

Zucchini falafel

marinated vegetables salad, baba ghanoush 

Warm Mexican chicken salad

parmesan tacos, guacamole, garden salad 

Please inform server of any dietary need, everything made on premises

Foodworks focus on freshness, salad & herbs are supplied direct from our farm on the outskirts of the city, pork from pigs reared here make a true farm to fork experience